It’s rare these days to find a a high quality, British menswear brand creating clothes for the style conscious, but not fashion obsessed, guy. The sort of clothes you can wear when out stomping through the heather, making a wooden bookshelf in your garage workshop, or even enjoying a few drams in a country pub […]

Outlander Location Map

The wild, romantic landscape of the Outlander saga exists mainly in the vivid imagination of the story’s creator Diane Gabaldon. But of course the imaginary places depicted in the books and in the TV series are all based on real places in the dramatic countryside of Scotland. Now you can find your way around the […]

Dram More with Dram Mor

“Dram Mor is a brand and a business dedicated to bringing the delights of Scotch Whisky to the widest possible audience and to show people that it is not just a drink for old men with beards.” So says their own blurb. And as an oldish man with a “Covid 19 Lockdown stubble beard, I […]

Yorkshire Malt Whisky

Yorkshire whisky distillery reveals second release The Spirit of Yorkshire has launched a second release single malt whisky, following the success of its first release last year. Filey Bay Second Release is described as “the next step” of the Hunmanby distillery’s journey to its flagship single malt bottling and it has been created by marrying […]

The Glenlivet Pods Cause a Right Stooshie

Single Malt Cocktails in a seaweed pod – cool new idea or folie de grandeur?  “What was created to be a fun, novel way to approach Scotch whisky cocktails rapidly turned into a PR storm for The Glenlivet this week. In celebration of London Cocktail Week’s 10th anniversary, the Speyside single malt brand created a range of edible/drinkable […]

“Smell the Scent of Salt on the Wind”

“Smell the scent of salt on the wind” declares the Bunnahabhain website, and if you are lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to this tucked away gem of a distillery, then this is a pleasure not to be missed One of my uncles who worked as a malt man in lots of different distilleries, used […]

The Brand That Changed Whisky In 2018

The Brand That Changed Whisky In 2018 via Forbes “A man stands on a cliff, terrified to jump off. He finally makes the jump and as he falls wings start to manifest on his arms. Right before he crashes to the ground, the wings lead him to soar through the sky. Special effects, amazing cinematography; […]

What’s the Story in Tobermory?

“Tobermory distillery is a situated on the Hebridean island of Mull, Scotland in the village of Tobermory. The distillery, which was formerly known as Ledaig, was founded in 1798 and has changed hands several times, having undergone a number of periods of closure. The only distillery on Mull, it is currently owned by Burn Stewart Distillers, a subsidiary of Distell Group Limited of South […]

Hedonism, The Muse

Inspired by the woman featured on the label of Compass Box’s first-ever bottling. As they say themselves; “Hedonism will always be special to us as the whisky that launched the company, and every so often, we go back to where it all started. When we recently discovered a cask of exceptional aged grain whisky in […]

Step aside, Johnnie! Here Comes Jane Walker Whisky!

Step aside, Johnnie! Here Comes Jane Walker Whisky to celebrate women Diageo to release limited edition bottles of Black Label brand to celebrate women’s causes Johnnie Walker is rolling out a female version of its whisky in the US – Jane Walker. A limited edition run of its 12-year-old Black Label blended whisky will feature […]

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