The Spirit O’ the Highlands

The Spirit O’ the Highlands

S0Zj6_kD_400x400When I was a wee laddie I was often taken to visit an old Auntie who lived near the village of Inverkeillor on the beautiful east coast of Scotland. Close to the magical Lunan Bay and the fairytale Dunnottar Castle. To be honest I used to be bored stiff on these visits as the conversation mainly revolved around which old friends of my Auntie’s had died recently. But even as a moody bairn, I appreciated the magnificent Angus countryside and the breathtaking coastline between Arbroath and Aberdeen. I’d recommend a visit there if you are touring in Scotland

However, if my old Auntie was still around, I’d be keen to visit her much more often, as a trip to Inverkeillor could now include a stop off at the Arbikie Highland Estate. A craft distillery creating artisan spirits. Their range includes whisky, gin and a home grown potato vodka

You can find out more about this family business at their website arbikie.com & you can order bottles of gin and vodka on the site.

As the distillery is still quite young, their single malt will take a few years to “mature” but a limited number of 1st Release Single Malt Casks are available for purchase (could be a great gift for someone special)

Here’s how they describe their distilling philosophy;



Introducing the Arbikie Highland Estate Single Malt, a premium whisky that truly reflects the character of the land, the sea and those charged with its creation. Our new whisky has revived a farm-to-bottle tradition of distilling first recorded here in 1794.

We use barley grown next to our distillery and water sourced from our own underground lagoon – originally falling as rain on the surrounding hills the water filters through 400 million year old rocks on its way to us.

Matured in a variety of casks including those used previously in the production of bourbon, sherry and red wine, our flavour will be rich and deep with honeyed tones, and a complexity of salty, coastal notes.”

The Whisky Shepherd

The Whisky Shepherd

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