It’s rare these days to find a a high quality, British menswear brand creating clothes for the style conscious, but not fashion obsessed, guy.

The sort of clothes you can wear when out stomping through the heather, making a wooden bookshelf in your garage workshop, or even enjoying a few drams in a country pub you’ve just discovered.

This is a brand for “Pioneers” – anyone and everyone who wants to explore & discover new things.

So, enter stage left, the new(ish) brand &Sons. They focus on timeless styles, made for those interested in discovering new things, whilst celebrating the quality and tradition of the past.

They have quite a limited, focused range based on the layering principles; Jackets, waistcoats, shirts and jeans. Plus some very cool accessories.

I love everything they do and their commitment to detail, craft and quality reminds me of some of the newer artisan distilleries popping up around the country, such as Lindores Abbey Distillery in Fife and the Cotswolds Distillery near Chipping Norton.

So, if you want to look the part as you sip on a dram in the pub with pals, or cooried up at home as the nights draw in, or even half way up a Munro, then make sure you are suitably attired in your &Sons togs. https://www.andsons.co.uk/

The Whisky Shepherd

The Whisky Shepherd

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