It’s all in the craft

It’s all in the craft

If you are lucky enough to travel around he Scottish countryside, you will soon start to notice the distinctive white pagoda roofs of the nation’s numerous whisky distilleries. They are a well loved part of Scotland’s environment and many have been in operation for several hundred years. In more recent years, there has also been an increase in the number of new distilleries under construction as well as the rebirth of older ones that had been “sleeping” for many years

These new “Craft”or “Artisan”  distilleries are typically small, independent start ups, run by dedicated and passionate whisky entrepreneurs. They produce small batches of distinctive liquid, aimed at drinkers who demand something special

And their timing is impeccable because this year is The Scottish year of Food & Drink – a year-long celebration of Scotland’s world-class produce and now more than ever Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a highly prized luxury around the world

To mark this Festival of Food & Drink , is pleased to introduce yo to  five of these new “Craft” distilleries.

Thanks to Visit Scotland for these detailed notes

1. Ardnamurchan Distillery
Ardnamurchan boasts the title of Scotland’s greenest distillery and its most westerly mainland distillery. Opened in July 2014, it sits along the shores of Loch Sunart, a beautiful sea loch on Scotland’s wild and rugged west coast. In terms of eco-friendliness, green credentials are at the core of the remote Highland distillery’s identity. It not only generates its own hydro-electric power, the whisky by-products feed the livestock living on the surrounding peninsula.

2. Kingsbarns Distillery
Brushing traditional designs aside, the striking Kingsbarns Distillery came into being when a cluster of old farm buildings were transformed into a modern distillery. Opened by Douglas Clement with partners the Wemyss family – whose links to whisky date back to the origins of the Haig’s Distillery (of recent David Beckham fame) in Cameronbridge – the distillery is built in an area once prized for its barley (a key ingredient in whisky production).

3. Annandale Distillery
Having laid dormant in the Dumfries & Galloway countryside for over 90 years, the crumbling, derelict shell of Annandale Distillery – first opened in 1830 – was given the kiss of life by a pair of whisky enthusiasts. Reborn in November 2014, the distillery has already started distilling and maturing its first casks of new-make spirit

4. Isle of Harris Distillery
Work on this the first ever Outer Hebrides whisky distillery is due to be completed by spring this year. It is only the second distillery to be built on the archipelago; Abhainn Dearg Distillery on the Isle of Lewis opened in 2010, the first distillery on the islands for over 170 years. In keeping with the location, the distillery has fittingly decided to call its signature single malt The Hearach – Gaelic for an inhabitant of Harri

5. Eden Mill Distillery and Brewery
As distilleries go, none in Scotland can claim to be a hybrid that produces whisky as well as beer like Eden Mill near St Andrews (the Home of Golf) The very definition of craft distillers, the distillery makes just eight casks of spirit a week for limited edition whiskies and intends to keep it that way. By keeping operations small, the distillery hopes to be able to source rarer woods for their casks at a size that creates the finish they want for their signature malts.


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The Whisky Shepherd

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