Hedonism, The Muse

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Hedonism, The Muse

Inspired by the woman featured on the label of Compass Box’s first-ever bottling.

As they say themselves;

“Hedonism will always be special to us as the whisky that launched the company, and every so often, we go back to where it all started. When we recently discovered a cask of exceptional aged grain whisky in the spectrum of flavours of a Hedonism whisky, we were compelled to return to the concept once again.

Hedonism, The Muse combines this single cask with other rare and remarkable grain whiskies of varying ages to create a whisky that has all the flavour hallmarks of the classic Hedonism, with even greater depth and intensity.”

Find out all about Muse via the link below;


The Whisky Shepherd

The Whisky Shepherd

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