Dram More with Dram Mor

Dram More with Dram Mor

“Dram Mor is a brand and a business dedicated to bringing the delights of Scotch Whisky to the widest possible audience and to show people that it is not just a drink for old men with beards.” So says their own blurb.
And as an oldish man with a “Covid 19 Lockdown stubble beard, I was relieved to see that they also added the rider “Don’t worry old men with beards! You are still invited to the party” Phew!!

I like their brand name “Dram Mor” as I think it is really an instruction to “Dram More”, which in the current lockdown situation is no bad thing !!

The Dram Mor brand was founded by husband and wife team Viktorija and Kenny MacDonald. They have many years of whisky experience between them and as well as offering whisky events and training, they are now also marketing their own bottlings of some classic single malt expressions (primarily for the export market)

I tasted their Ben Riach 11 yr old and their Glen Rothes 10 yr old, both of course from their Speyside section

Ben Riach, of course, is the next door neighbour of Longmorn and describes itself as “a progressive Speyside whisky distillers, BenRiach crafts unpeated, peated and triple distilled malt whisky and holds some of the most experimental casks in Speyside. Small wonder the distillery team have nicknamed the distillery ‘The Lab’.

The Dram Mor Ben Riach I sampled was beautifully sweet and fruity with a nice spicy top note that reminded me of cinnamon sticks and cloves. There was also a whisper of raisins and a hint of vanilla on the nose.

The other Dram Mor I sampled was their GlenRothes 10 year which was has an extremely light, natural colour and a beautiful character that reminded me of custard creams dunked in lemon and ginger tea – very moreish!

The Glenrothes distillery has happy associations for me as it’s where my late mum and dad first met. But, that (as they say) is a story for another day!!

In the meantime check out Dram Mor here www.drammorgroup.com and stay safe and well during these unprecedented times

The Whisky Shepherd

The Whisky Shepherd

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