Sláinte Mhath! and Welcome to The Whisky Shepherd blog.

I am The Whisky Shepherd and I am on a mission to preach the gospel of Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

I am descended from a long line of Speyside Distillery Workers, so Uisge Bheatha is quite literally flowing in my veins!

I’ve been drinking whisky for over 30 years. I’m from Edinburgh, Scotland, but I travel all over the world spreading the word about great Whisky

I mostly write reviews of whiskies, distilleries, tastings and bars. As well as Whisky news and opinions.
The Whisky Shepherd blog is dedicated to sharing a collective passion for Whisky and aims to provide anyone with an interest in Whisky the opportunity to come together to chat about great whisky in a friendly community of likeminded people. Whisky novices, enthusiasts and connoisseurs are all welcome here

The blog gives whisky aficionados the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their favourite drams, promote events and discover new whiskies and where to drink them.

 If you would like me to blog about your whisky  brand, product, or event  please get in touch. And if you would like me to take part in a Twitter Tasting, just give me a shout. Also please contact me if you would like to advertise your product on the site
You can follow me on twitter @whiskyshepherd
Unless otherwise stated, all blog posts are written by me.
So, come on in, pour yourself a large one and let’s get Dramming!